Increased College Acceptance Rates

Many colleges today reject about 80% of their applicants. Demand for college admission is vastly outstripping the available supply at the more popular colleges and universities. So how do you make your son or daughter stand out from the crowd? Be prepared. With good grades in the right classes on their high school transcript, your son or daughter increases his or her chances of being accepted to the college or university of their choice. My program will show you what those classes are, why they should be taken, and how they can set your son or daughter up for increased academic and career success.

Save Money

We all love to save money, and there are few places where it is more important than your son or daughter's high school and college education. Did you know that taking the right classes in high school can save you thousands in college tuition? Did you know that there are tips and tricks to better grades in high school and college that DON'T involve expensive private tutors or a private school? My program teaches you how to save your money by investing it in the right tools for your son or daughter's high school and college academic success.

No More Tears, Fights, or Bribes

Almost anyone with child these days has undergone the drama of getting their son or daughter to do their homework, right, the first time. As a professional tutor, I have seen it all: the tears, the VERY late nights, the bribes, the lectures from parents, the speeches, the promises, the hiring of tutors, meetings with teachers and principals,, you name it. And, yet, it can all be avoided. Every single last bit of it is avoidable by employing the right tricks and strategies at the right time to get your son or daughter on the track to academic, collegiate and career success. My program teaches that. Sign up now to get started eliminating your Homework Headaches today